Photographer Ernesto Fernández Nogueras Receives Cuba’s National Prize for Visual Arts 2011

Fernández Nogueras initially devoted his talents in photography as a war correspondent in Venezuela (1959), at the battle of Playa Girón (1961), in Angola (1981-1983), and in Nicaragua (1983), publishing his photographs in magazines and journals such as Cuba Internacional y Revolución. As critics indicate, throughout his career, he created a "visual repertoire that breaks down the boundaries between photojournalism and the photo essay." The award-winning photographer has exhibited his works in galleries in Canada, Cuba, Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others. Fernández has received numerous awards, including the Interpress Photo Award (USSR, 1985), the Iberoamerican Photography Award of Harvard University (Boston, 2000), and Premio OLORUM Iberoamericano (La Habana, 2005).

The prestigious photographer has collaborated with the Casa de las Américas since 1964, where has provided important testimony of theatre festivals, the Casa de las Américas Literary Prize, as well as other celebrations at the institution.

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