Danza Contemporanea de Cuba to return to UK in May 2012 – watch their latest video

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba have for 50 years produced dancers of the highest level with a style evoking the sensual, mystical and raw heart of Cuban spirit. Collaborations with international leaders in dance have combined with the Afro Caribbean and Spanish fusions to produce an electrifying, evocative and distinctly unique expression of all that is Cuban.

"An exotic hybrid of contemporary, classical and Caribbean styles."

"At moments, Céspedes reminds you of the young Twyla Tharp in the fanatical, joyous precision with which he moves his dancers through a frenzy of kicking legs, shimmying ¬shoulders, clicking fingers and jiving arms. Brilliant."The Guardian

"Drop-dead gorgeous, performed in such perfect synch, and with such sexy intensity, that you can't tear your eyes away."

"Whatever they're dancing, you'll find them a very welcome ray of tropical sunshine."The Telegraph

****The Times

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Watch the latest video of Danza Contemporanea's performance