CUBADISCO 2010 in Havana 15-23 May to be dedicated to Cuban country music

In this XIII edition of Cubadisco, expected to be held from May 15 to 23, 2010, the main topic will be campesino (Country) music, one of the most genuine and deeply-rooted expressions of Cuban culture, that conveys through oral tradition, from generation to generation, feelings, customs and habits; and improvisers from all over the world will be the Guests of Honor.

Cubadisco 2010 Committee will include among them: Maria Teresa Linares, Celina González, Alexis Días Pimienta, Adolfo Alfonso, Inocente Iznaga -El Jilguero de Cienfuegos- and Pepe Ramírez.

During the Fair there will be tributes to important musicians who cultivate country traditions, such as Tomasita Quiala, Pancho Amat, Miguel Ojeda, Efraín Amador and Barbarito Torres.

For details of the programme, symposium, performances and opportunities to participate see CUBADISCO website link.