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news item

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Iranán Millán Cuétara awarded the National Prize for Cultural Heritage

by: Radio Havana

The jury of the National Prize for Cultural Heritage for a Life's Work 2017 composed of Eusebio Leal Spengler, José Linares Ferrera, Daniel Taboada Espiniella, Isabel Rigol Savio and Jesús Gómez Cairo, decided to give the award to the architect Iran Millán Cuétara.

The president of the National Council of Cultural Heritage, Gladys Collazo, said the decision was based on the multifaceted work of the architect in the fields of museography, restoration, research, teaching and his leading role in the management of cultural heritage of the province of Cienfuegos.

"His outstanding work as an architect in the management of the heritage project of Cienfuegos is an example for all - Collazo said, and:" he has always been linked to his colleagues, giving their contribution, their knowledge and their positive experience, contributions that help to safeguard and care for Cuba's heritage because his teachings are implemented in other provinces. "

She also indicated that the impeccable performance of Millán Cuétara has established a model in how a historic center declared a World Heritage Site is managed and has served as an example for other historic centers that have a similar status or other historical centers declared national monuments.

The award of Cultural Heritage for a Life's Work 2017 will be officially given on April 18, the date on which the Day of Monuments and Historic Sites is celebrated.

The architect Iran Millán Cuétara participated in the genesis of the implementation of the municipal museums in the province of Cienfuegos, as well as in the processes of identification, inventory and delimitation of the historical centers and the preparation of the nominations of the National and local Monuments of the province.

He has been a general planner of the great majority of the restoration and rehabilitation plans of the built heritage of the province, where are located the Palatino Meson, the Provincial Museum of Cienfuegos, Universal Art Reproductions Gallery, Spanish Casino, Tomas Terry Theater, Cemetery de Reina, Naval Historical Museum, Jagua Castle and Ferrer Palace.

He was the founding director of the Office of Monuments and Historical Centers of the province and has worked since its creation until today as director of the Cienfuegos City Curator's Office.

Among his fundamental contributions is the initiation of the historic center of Cienfuegos 's declaration as a National Monument in 1995 and World Heritage in 2005.

In addition, the committee underlines that his vast national and international experience, his teaching and research work and the results obtained in heritage management are recognized in all areas and make him enjoy a well-deserved prestige.

With the giving of this award to Iran Millán Cuétara, the jury also recognizes the meritorious work carried out in the provinces by experienced specialists in the different spheres of cultural heritage conservation.

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