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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Black History Month: Round up of recommended books on Cuba - history, testimonial, poetry

by: Cuba50

Some recommended books on Cuban black history - history, politics, poetry, fiction, testimonial

A Biography of a Runaway Slave 50th Anniversary Edition 2016
Compelling life story of Esteban Montejo, a cimarrón, or runaway slave, who shared his story with Cuban writer Miguel Barnet in this "testimony" to living in slavery and fighting in the Cuban War of Independence.

Read review and Buy here

My last name /El Apellido By Nicolas Guillen
Nicolas Guillen is Cuba's most important twentieth century poet, one of the Caribbean's most seminally original voices, one of Latin America's most distinguished literary figures, and one of the contemporary world's lyrical giants. This anthology of his poetry, to mark the 2002 centennial anniversary of his birth, presents some of Guillen's finest work taken from all periods of his creative life. Published as a bilingual text, My Last Name will, for the first time, make Guillen's work accessible to audiences in the UK with no knowledge of Spanish.

Buy here

Black Woman and other poems By Nancy Morejon
Collection of poems by Cuba's foremost black woman poet. This anthology has been decribed as exquisite, profound and crafted.

Read review and Buy here

Maids of Havana By Pedro Perez Sarduy
Compelling novel based on the stories and memories of poet and writer Pedro Perez Sarduy's mother. Set in Cuba and the USA, from 1938 to the 1990s, two Afro-Cuban women tell their stories. The book asks what life was like for Afro-Cubans before the Cuban revolution, since and what the issues are that faced black Cubans who left Cuba after the revolution. Race, class, gender and nation are all examined.

Read review and buy here

Cuba and its Music By Ned Sublette
This remarkable book is without doubt the most comprehensive, entertaining and informative history of Cuban music in English. The political history of Cuba itself is brilliantly examined through the story of its music. Combining breathtaking scholarship with extensive personal experience, Sublette is an enthralling storyteller with a passion for Cuba, bringing fresh insight to the country's musical - and political - journey.

Read review and buy here

Race in Cuba: Essays on the Revolution and Racial Inequality By Esteban Morales Domínguez
Respected Cuban intellectual addresses the causes and consequences of racism and racial inequality.

Read review and buy here

Race to Revolution: The United States and Cuba during Slavery and Jim Crow
By Gerald Horne
Maps the movement of people and ideas between the US and Cuba to 1959 to show the important role of the anti slavery movement and anti-racist struggle in the success of the Cuban revolution.

Read review and buy here

Reyita: The Life of a Black Cuban Woman in the Twentieth Century
By Daisy Rubiera Castillo

Reyita is the amazing life story of a black Cuban woman, who lived through racism and dictatorships, taught herself to read, took part in black politics, lost a son in the revolution and went on to have over a hundred grandchildren.

Buy here

How Far We Slaves Have Come By Fidel Castro & Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela and fidel castro. Speeches from July 26th 1991. From a rally at Matanzas, cuba. Here Mandela and Castro explain why their two respective struggles have been so intertwined over the decades.

Buy here

Cuba & Angola: Fighting for Africa's Freedom and Our Own
25 years ago South Africa's apartheid regime was dealt a crushing defeat by Cuban, Angolan and Namibian forces at Cuito Cuanavale in Angola. This is a telling of the history by those that lived it and made it.

Read review and buy here

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