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news item

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Eyeife Festival of Electronic Music

by: Coocuyo,com

Enmanuel Blanco, director of the National Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music (LNME), tells us more about Eyeife, an event that takes place in Havana from September 26 to October 1.

"From the point of view of the Laboratory, we are very interested in the Festival because it gives the chance for Cuban musicians and DJ / producers musicians to interact, share a stage, produce music together in different genres. At the Festival we will see our DJs working with rap, with rock, with jazz, folk music, and Cuban popular music. "

"I have already heard music that was created at this Festival, that is, this Festival has encouraged the creation of new music. Music has been given life in and by Eyeife. These themes and interesting works have been the result of musicians and DJs coming together. "

"The second concert, on the 30th, is a concert dedicated entirely to electronic music, it's a session where each DJ will play 30 minutes and where our DJs will be interacting with the invited DJs. The Festival has a very braod lineup of international DJs, four from England, from the United States, France, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, etc. "

Not just parties: workshops too

"This festival will not only have the parties and the meetings at night, but it will provide a theoretical space for our young DJs, and for the students of the Faculty of Music of the Higher Institute of Art who will also be participating . "

"In the first workshop participants will include Bishop, Luis Alberto Murillo Ruiz, who is also a professor and researcher at SAE, a Mexican institute where he has a position dedicated to the teaching of electronic music. Bishop together with Agustín Gómez, professor of Folklore at the Superior Institute of Art (Cuban University of the Arts), will give what they have called the workshop of electronic music production influenced by Cuban music. In this workshop the Cuban DJ Reitt will be participating along with folk artists. "

"There is a second workshop on how to plan and prepare a festival. It will be given by Rafael Fernández, one of our main collaborators in the Festival. It will be a very important workshop for event organizers and also for musicians and DJs. Many times our DJs / producers organize their own events and for them this workshop can be very useful. "

The ISA and Eyeife

"The main venue of the Festival is the University of Arts, specifically the Faculty of Music in collaboration with all other faculties. The headquarters of ISA provides the opportunity for our artists in training, both dance, visual arts and especially music, to come into contact with the vanguard of electronic music and the experimentation that will promote Eyeife.

The selection of the participating artists

"For the selection of the participating musicians the Festival put out a call, asking for music and for the young people to present their works. There were many proposals, some collaborations with other musicians, with dance artists, with artists - in fact in the second concert Kike Wolf will present with a project of digital art. At the Festival we looked carefully at all those submissions that were sent to us and the majority are participating here. "

"In Eyeife all DJs in the catalog of the Electroacoustic Music Laboratory will be taking part and DJs from the catalog of the Hermanos Saíz Association. The participation of DJs from the interior of the country is also confirmed: Holguín, for example, will be represented by the Electrozona project, and House Republic from Matanzas.

link to original report in spanish

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