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Monday, 21 August 2017

Eyeife Festival: a new platform for electronic music in Cuba


More than 30 artists from ten countries will participate in the first international electronic music festival Eyeife, which will take place in Havana September 26 to 30.

The program of the festival, which will celebrate the union between electronic music and the African roots of Cuban culture, will be composed of influential Cuban, American, British, Mexican and Latin American artists such as Chip e Djs and producers from the US, the Argentinean Chancha Vía Circuito, Tuff London from the UK; Bishop, from Mexico alongside local artists: DJoy of Cuba, Iván Lejardi, Wichy of Vedado and Kike Wolf, among others.

Eyeife will bring together the work between Djs and producers and exponents of jazz, rap, rock and dance, and other artforms that have an important influence on Cuban culture and its international projection.

In the programme there are instrumentalists of the such as world class Cuban pianists Roberto Fonseca and Rolando Luna, the dance company Acosta Danza, directed by dancer and choreographer Carlos Acosta, trumpeter Yasek Manzano, trombonist Eduardo Sandoval, singer-songwriter Athanay Castro, rapper Etián Brebaje Man and the singers Zule Guerra and Brenda Navarrete.

The festival will open with workshops at Casa de las Américas and at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), on September 27 and 28, where some of the invited artists will discuss music production and the organization of electronic music festivals, as well as other issues related to the influence of this genre in the scene of the Island.

The ISA will also be the venue for the concerts on September 29 which will present the most experimental ideas from the many styles that coexist in electronics.

The festival will seek to place Havana on the map of electronic music in the world, and will close with a rave (electronic music festival outdoors) in Playa, Havana.

The event, sponsored by the Cuban Institute of Music, the cultural institution PM Records and the National Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music, was born as a platform to promote in greater degree the international projection of DJs, Cuban producers and contemporary music of the island, as well as establish solid points of contact between artists from other countries and Cuban musicians.

The singer Suylén Milanés, general director of the festival, said it is "an event that arises from the need for Cuban electronic music to become world-wide and for DJs and producers from all over the planet to participate in a world-class programme that, at the same time, has as its axis the linking of electronics to the African roots that go through Cuban culture. "

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The name Eyeife comes from Yoruba and its meaning is related to one of the signs that are used for the divination with coconuts in AfroCuban religion Santeria, and has to do with the balance between positive and negative energies. Mauricio Abad, artistic director of the festival, said the event wants new generations to know more about the African roots of Cuban culture. To give them these sounds through the music of the digital age, is an intelligent way.

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