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JOY A Post Coitus Concert

10 February 2018 - 11 February 2018


'JOY' a post coitus concert is a one woman theatrical spectacle, written and performed by Dina Gordon, who was born in Santiago de Cuba, combining electronic music with lyrical prose, to deal with the politics of heritage and sexuality, with a specific focus on the African-caribbean experience in the western world. the show is presented by collective All Good Artists Are Dead and is part the Vault festival in London.

Saturday 10 February 15.15 and 18.15

Sunday 11 February 18.15

For more info and to book tickets see the festival website here

Suitable for 15+

You can view a trailer here

About JOY

It's 5am in an east London warehouse. The aftermath of an S&M party is scattered across the floor. Joy is found. The man she slept with is gone.

To fill the no-man's land between night and day, Joy casts her memory to the past. Breezing through random crap on the floor, she remembers when she was Italian and on the cusp of marriage. A French prostitute at the end of a shift. A young girl losing her virginity. A slave hot in the afternoon sun. The memories are at once fun and rotten, clichéd yet bizarre. A reference to the sex she had, or the archaic recollections of a zeitgeist?
JOY explores the fallout of the African diaspora and its point of departure is the aftermath of sex.
There's a post coitus concert in town. The music has never been better (the woman has never been louder).

About the company

all good artists are dead is a performance collective co-founded by Dina Gordon and Ella Gamble. JOY is their second production together, the first being another original piece written by Dina entitled Who's Afraid of Anton Chekhov?
Dina Gordon is the co-founder, writer and performer of the company. She holds an BA in Acting from East 15 Acting School and is a published poet. She also has a background in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance from The Royal Swedish Ballet School.
Ella Gamble is the co-founder, producer and performer of the company. She holds an BA in Acting from East 15 Acting School and graduated from an MA in Text and Performance from Birkbeck University and RADA this September.
Andrea Giordani is the music composer and performer of the company. She holds a degree in acting and puppetry from The Art Academy of Osijek and an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School. She is also a DJ and electronic music producer.

Contact details

Pit Pit, London

Pit, Pit, The Vaults, Leake St, Waterloo, London SE1 7NN

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